VELUX Windows Sizing for Blinds & Accessories

It is vitally important to ensure you select the correct window size when ordering blinds, shutters, screens, or accessories for your existing VELUX window.

For your convenience, all our blinds etc are available to select by the window type and size codes. Simply select your window's type and size codes to ensure you add the right sized product to your basket.

Where do I find the type and size of my window?

If you open your VELUX roof window you will find a type sign on the top of the window on the right or left hand side.

Type signs differ in appearance depending on the model of your VELUX roof window. Find your type sign below to see where you can find the right information about your window.

Windows from 2014 and onward

Windows from 2002 - 2013

WIndows from 1992 - 2013

Windows from before 1992

The window Type code is usually a series of letters, as highlighted in red, and the size code a sequence of either numbers of letters and numbers, highlighted in blue, which follows the Type code. The size code can vary from 1 to 6 digits, depending on the type and age of the window.

If you are having trouble determining the size of your VELUX window, feel free to get in touch and we will help you select the right product.